Is it painful?
The procedure is very gentle, the work only effects the surface of the skin, but for the comfort of a client before the procedure we apply the anesthetic cream of a very high quality.

How long results lasts?
2-3 years for eyebrows and lips and 7 years for Eyes.

Can I continue my daily routine after the procedure?
You can continue your day without any problem.
Just the color on your eyebrows or lips will look a little bright.

I already have my eyebrows (lips or eyes) done. Can I come to renew it?
If the procedure is done in our studio you will have a discount and make a procedure with a price of a Refresh.
If the procedure is done by someone else, we suggest you to make an appointment for the consultation. Every case is very individual for that reason we would like to meet you face to face and see what is possible to do.

How long the recovery lasts?
Skin is usually exfoliates in about 5 days. The full recovery and stabilization of a color of a pigment takes up to 1 month.

If you have more questions you can always make an appointment for a consultation or just contact us.

25% discount

Get a 25% discount for making eyebrows and lips, or eyes simultaneously.
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